Welcome to Woest Zuid

Woest Zuid is an after-school club for children ages 4-12. We provide daily programming focused on adventure, physical activity, and unique outdoor experiences. Children develop social skills and healthy habits in an action-packed, safe environment.

Come find the creativity in physical activity!

Why Woest

Children who grow up in an urban and digital world are moving less than ever before. But studies show that children who spend more time outside, are more active. Woest Zuid was created out of the need to give children the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. We want to change the way children experience physical activity and create positive memories with the outdoors.

Every Woest Zuid club has its own unique space in a sports complex or school. We’ve designed our bright, clean spaces to foster imagination, creativity, and teamwork. All clubs have large, green spaces for outdoor activities. WZ Clubs are safe spaces where children feel welcome.

Woest Zuid is led by our incredible staff who all have a background in physical activity and movement. They go through extensive training and are experts in childcare. As children learn new activities and venture out of their comfort zone, our staff is there to support and ensure that all children are safe. We group children by age, so they have developmentally appropriate activities.

What to Expect

-> School pick-up
-> Organized activities based on the theme of the season
-> Free play in outdoor spaces
-> Healthy snack
-> Open whenever school is closed (all school holidays)

At Woest Zuid, we break down barriers, push limits, and find courage. We do it together as a community. That’s the Woest Way.