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WZ AICS South East

  • Located within the brand new school
  • Internationally focussed
  • Multicultural


AICS South East

Adres en contact

Darlingstraat 2
1102 MX Amsterdam
Tel: +31610074504
LRK: 220556271
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Woest Zuid AICS South East is specially for children from 4 to 12 years old of AICS South East. In September 2019 AICS South East has moved into their brand-new school building at the Darlingstraat 2. Within this building Woest Zuid has its own indoor club and outdoor playground.

Our afterschool club for primary school children cares about the fun of playing outdoors, discovery, movement and free play. Woest Zuid creates little pockets of wildness in the city, places that provide a healthy environment for physical activity, imagination and adventure.

Our team works hard to create the perfect setting for children to grow. We stimulate children to develop their own ideas, set their own goals, negotiate rules and overcome challenges. Our team ensures physical and emotional safety for the group. We join in when needed and step away when we should. We want children to realize that they can create their own worlds, make their own rules and that they themselves can develop to their greatest potential possible. That they understand the best resources available are their bodies and their minds.

Practical info

  • Subscription for 1 day/week: €229,96 per month, €9,65 per hour
  • Opened until 18:30 every schoolday, holiday and study day
  • Opened from 8:00 every holiday and study day
  • Here you can find the most recent GGD inspection report


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