Flexibility all year round

The Woest Zuid membership is designed to ensure a great time for children and flexibility for all families. You can choose which days of the week you would like childcare services.

What can you expect as a member?

  • We are open when school is closed, including holiday and study days.
  • Choose your scheduled days of the week for your membership
  • You can easily switch days with our online planner.
  • We provide amazing programming during all holidays with the special Woestival programming during the summer.
  • Healthy food and drink provided daily.
  • All-inclusive without hidden fees

Useful to know:

Calculate your net childcare costs

Enter your situation below and press "calculate net childcare costs".
You'll find more information about the (net) costs of the Woest Zuid subscription there.

Sign up now!

Your Woest Zuid subscription is valid for a full year.
We are only closed on public holidays.

Choose your scheduled weekly days.
Exchanging days is possible if there are spots available.

Maximum flexibility during holidays.
Select any days you like, regardless of your scheduled days.


Children are picked up from school on school days
We get to our Woest Zuid location by walking or our own bus.

On holiday and study days, Woest Zuid opens at 08:00
You bring your child directly to the location.

Pickup is available between 17:00 to 18:30 everyday
If you need to pick up early, just call! We may be out on an adventure.