The Club for Children

Parent Approved: 8.6

Parents’ involvement and feedback are important to us. As an organization, we have an average score of 8.6 in our annual customer survey. Our employees are rated above 9.

GGD on Woest Zuid

Without exception, we score well on the inspectorate’s annual audits. This is what the GGD writes about Woest Zuid: “Woest Zuid is a growing organization that stands out because a lot of attention is paid to exercise and outdoor activities. Woest Zuid also pays a lot of attention to training and team building among its staff; management and staff are very passionate about their work”. -GGD

Quality and training

Our employees are all trained in child care and education. Our locations are assessed at least 4 times a year by our quality officer. We train and support our staff on children’s social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development so they are up-to-date with the latest research and best practices.