Discover joy in motion

We know that children learn best from play. Studies show that when play is active, child-centered, and outdoors; there are a myriad of social, emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits that come with it. When children are free to explore and play outdoors, they discover who they truly are and form lifelong healthy habits.

Unfortunately, it has become harder and harder to find outdoor adventures in the city. With screen time increasing, children are indoors and sitting still more than ever.

Woest Zuid is here to change that. We were born out of the need to give children the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. We provide daily programming focused on adventure, physical activity, and unique outdoor experiences. Children develop social skills and healthy habits in an action-packed, safe environment. Our employees are trained to foster independence, self-awareness, and responsibility for every child regardless of their ability or skill.

Every Woest Zuid club has its own unique space in a sports complex or school. We’ve built bright, natural spaces to foster imagination, creativity, and teamwork. All clubs have large, green areas for outdoor activities. The clubs have become green havens amongst a bustling city. At Woest Zuid, all children feel welcome to be themselves.