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WZ Olympia

  • Green schoolyard of the Olympiaschool
  • Our own clubhouse in the gatehouse


2e Openluchtschool

Address and contact details

Stadionkade 113C
1076 BN Amsterdam
Phone: +31610040011
LRK: 284313476 (113C), 160490194 (113A), 329506778 (113B)
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After school gets out, quickly put your bags away and head outside! Woest Zuid has its own clubhouse in the gatehouse on the schoolyard of the Olympiaschool. We go on an adventure on the large green schoolyard of the Olympiaschool or we visit WZ Arsenal. And if you need a break, cozy up with a book on one of our couches.

Woest Zuid Olympia is for children ages 4 to 7 years old. Programs are designed to give each child the space to move and play based on their own ability and experience.

Our after-school club believes in the joy of playing outdoors, the power of discovery, and the importance of movement and free play. Woest Zuid creates pockets of wilderness in the city by designing environments where physical activity meets imagination and adventure. 

Each location team of Woest Workers is thoughtfully assembled to build a supportive, diverse, and inclusive experience for all children. There is always a balanced women/men ratio. Our Woest Workers are young at heart and have been trained to support children of all abilities and personalities.

Practical info

  • Open every school, holiday, and study day until 6:30 pm
  • Open on study and vacation days at 8:00 am
  • Here and here you will find the most recent GGD inspection reports

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